Workshop Floor Coatings in Dallas

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Residential and Commercial Workshops Flooring in Dallas

When looking at workshop flooring options in Dallas, Texas, you may notice a couple of different options for residential and commercial workshop flooring.

Resinous Flooring Supply DFW Dallas is the #1 rated commercial, residential, and industrial epoxy floor supplier. We are a leading supplier of concrete and epoxy flooring products to contractors, architects, interior designers, business owners, and homeowners. Our products are designed to deliver high performance and require minimal maintenance. We offer a range of flooring options for residential and commercial workshop flooring in Dallas.

Workshop Floor Resurfacing and Coatings in Dallas

Resinous Flooring Supply DFW supplies epoxy workshop flooring products for garage workshop flooring contractors. We offer a variety of floor resurfacing and coating options. These include Polyurea and epoxy flooring coatings and Sealed flooring.

Additionally, Resinous Flooring Supply DFW helps with coating, resurfacing, and repair services.

Benefits of Coating and Resurfacing Workshop Floors

There are many benefits when it comes to coating and resurfacing workshop floors. This may include increased visual appeal, more durability, increased longevity, and skid resistance.

Adding coats can improve flooring appearance. There is a variety of styles and colors that can be chosen when resurfacing workshop floors.

With several potential uses for a workshop, it’s not uncommon for accidental spillings on the floor. In addition to adding to the visual appeal, benefits to resurfacing workshop flooring may include a higher resistance to abrasions and chemicals, and reducing oil and water stains. Coatings often don’t take long to install and can be applied directly on top of concrete flooring. This will also prevent the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

Resurfacing flooring can also mean ensuring a safer environment for employees and customers in the workshop. Many coatings are also designed to be skid or slip-resistant, decreasing the possibility of workplace accidents related to falling.

Workshop Floor Epoxy Coating and Resurfacing Products from Resinous Flooring Supply DFW

Some specific workshop floor epoxy coating and resurfacing product options from Resinous Flooring Supply DFW include PRECISE Quartz, PRECISE Chroma, PRECISE Radiance, EDGEMORE Metro, and EDGEMORE Loft.


This is a decorative epoxy flooring system, composed of 100% solid, double-broadcast epoxy, quartz aggregates, and a protective top coat. This is a ⅛” – ¼” fluid-applied system, including colored quartz granules that are embedded and fused between two layers. It provides resistance against abrasion, chemicals, and wear. An unlimited choice of colors is available.


This solid epoxy coating can be installed with a variety of finish options, including gloss, matte, or satin. It is made with a pigmented epoxy coat and a clear top coat. It is designed to create a highly durable surface that is both chemical and abrasion-resistant. Since this type is a 100% solid formulation, the same thickness it is applied with will be the same thickness it dries with.

PRECISE™ Radiance

This epoxy flooring product is made up of fine metallic pigments that are mixed up into a clear 100% solid epoxy. This option does require a primer coat and a metallic epoxy base coat. There is also an optional clear top coat. There are many color options to choose from and the finished product should look smooth and glass-like, with a pearlescent 3D effect.


This flooring option consists of two or three coats of magic-troweled or broom-finished pigmented concrete overlay for interior and exterior application. There are also many colors to choose from for this option. These colors are designed to be 100% UV-stable and fade-resistant.


This trowel-grade concrete overlay comes pre-pigmented with an integral color. It is designed for no staining and will be installed directly with the finished color. Two micro-topping applications are available to mimic the appearance of tile or marble. This option is designed to be highly durable.

Types of Workshop Floor Coatings

Resinous Flooring Supply DFW offers a variety of workshop flooring and floor coatings to fit a variety of preferences for use and aesthetics. These include:

Epoxy Paint and Flake Options for Workshop Floors

Resinous Flooring Supply DFW also has a variety of color options for workshop floors. This creates custom design opportunities with few limitations. Customers can choose from different colors, patterns, textures, and other additives, like metallic flakes, colored glass, or quartz beads.

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Workshop Floor Coating and Resurfacing Before and After

Other Workshop Flooring Solutions Offered by Resinous Flooring Supply DFW

In addition to helping you find your dream floor, Resinous Flooring Supply DFW also offers many other services, including:

Epoxy workshop floor installation

Resinous Flooring Supply DFW epoxy flooring installation will help take away the hassle and additional requirements for installing your epoxy floor but sending out a professional to do the work for you.

Epoxy workshop floor coatings

Resinous Flooring Supply DFW is an industrial and commercial-grade epoxy flooring supplier with a full line of decorative coatings

Concrete workshop floor repair

With cracks and pitting that have taken place over the years, Resinous Flooring Supply DFW is here to help you repair your workshop floor.

Concrete Workshop floor coating

Resinous Flooring Supply DFW offers a variety of floor coating options, including for concrete. This will help with finish, durability, longevity, and more.

Workshop floor refinishing

Refinishing your workshop floor will not only help improve appearance, but it will also increase durability and can even make it easier to clean.

Workshop floor crack repair

Although many floor cracks may mostly be only an issue visually, Resinous Flooring Supply DFW can help you repair them. This will help prevent additional long-term damage and increase visual appeal.

Workshop floor maintenance

Resinous Flooring Supply DFW understands the importance of taking care of your flooring. This is why they are also here to help with routine maintenance as your flooring ages.

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Workshop Flooring Products and Resurfacing Services in Dallas

Resinous Flooring Supply DFW is here to make sure you are aware of all of your flooring options and make the choices best for you. We are here every step of the way, choosing your ideal flooring, selecting a finish, installing, maintaining, repairing, and more. We offer a wide variety of products and services to cover all of your workshop needs.

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