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Whether your pool deck is hot to walk on, is damaged from wear and tear, or is way too slippery for the kids to get in and out of the pool, it’s time to resurface. Resurfacing your pool deck with Resinous Flooring Systems is a great way to handle all your outdoor issues around your pool as well as a way to save money. It’s much more cost effective to resurface your pool deck than to rip it up and start over.

Benefits of Resurfacing Your Pool Deck

The benefits of resurfacing your pool deck, regardless of which option you choose, are numerous.

When you resurface your pool deck with a concrete coating, you improve the efficiency and the look of your entire outdoor area.

We can install flooring that is not hot to the touch, so you can walk comfortably barefoot around your pool.

We have coating to match virtually any style and theme you select for your space.

Our products are designed to last for decades, so you never have to worry about quick wear and tear.

We have non-slip coating options so your children will be safe around the pool.

The benefits are virtually limitless.

Best Options for Pool Deck Resurfacing/Coating

While we have several options to choose from, what you ultimately select will depend
largely on your specific needs, both for utiliarian and style purposes.

Types of Pool Deck Coating:

Stamped Concrete Overlay


A stamped concrete overlay can be a great way to save the time and money you would spend on an entirely new pour. Designed to repair and improve upon existing damaged concrete, a stamped concrete overlay mix will be raked onto your existing concrete, making it like new. It can be applied to look like natural stone, brick, slate, wood, and other natural materials.

Pebbled Epoxy


Pebbled epoxy is an interesting mixure of pebbles and a concrete epoxy mix to give your pool deck the fun and decorative look of having pebbles in your concrete. This surface can also be an effective protective against slipping and sliding on wet surfaces. You can choose from among a variety of colors and combinations. The only
downside is that pebbles may pop out.

Concrete Resurfacing


Simple concrete resurfacing is a matter of applying a thin layer of cement over your existing concrete to make it look like new. Strong and durable, the concrete resurfacing materials will help your existing concrete last long and will stand up to wear and tear of time. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs to make your pool deck pop

Concrete Stains


Concrete stains are more for aesthetic purposes than for strength and durability. They add a beauty to otherwise boring concrete surfaces, and you can select from a wide range of colors and patterns to lay on top of your existing concrete. While the material is strong and durable, if your concrete is damaged, you may want concrete resurfacing done first or instead.

Colored Concrete


Rather than applyin a concrete stain, you can simply pour colored concrete, which will last much longer than an overlay. Colored concrete has the pigment mixed right into the concrete, which is designed to last as long as normally poured concrete.



Pavers are actual stones that are put down instead of or even on top of concrete to give your outdoors a tile effect. Pavers are obviously much more expensive to purchase and to install as it requires the individual stones to be laid down. They can also break and damage relatively easily.

Artistic Overlays


An artistic overlay is stamped, dyed, or painted concrete to create an artistic, or beautifying effect on your pool deck. This effect is aesthetically pleasing and must be done on top of a concrete overlay or resurfacing to ensure durability.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Before and After

And that’s not all.

Resinous Flooring Supply DFW does so much for your indoor or outdoor pool decks, including:

  • Indoor Pool Deck Flooring
  • Outdoor Pool Deck Flooring
  • Epoxy Flooring for Pool Decks
  • Pool Patio Flooring
  • Pool Area Flooring
  • Pool Deck Maintenance

Each of our trademarked flooring systems listed above can be used to improve, repair, or beautify any of your indoor or outdoor pool areas. We have been working with contractors for many years to meet all of your pool area flooring needs.

Locations We Offer Pool Deck Flooring Products and Resurfacing Services

Resinous Flooring Supply DFW is proud to serve Dallas and our surrounding communities.

Resinous Flooring Supply DFW is proud to be the #1 rated supplier of commercial, residential, and industrial epoxy flooring in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area.
Our Dallas location is convenient to most cities in the DFW Metropolitan area and we have worked with contractors in the surrounding cities and neighborhoods of those areas as well. We provide flooring products to all nearby cities:
  • Dallas
  • Plano
  • Irving
  • Fort Worth
  • Richardson
  • Addison
  • Frisco
  • Arlington

Why Resinous Flooring Supply DFW for Pool Deck Flooring Products and Resurfacing in Dallas?

We have built a solid reputation in Dallas as the go-to location for pool deck and pool flooring supplies.

We work well with our partners in contracting to find the right materials and surfaces for your pool deck and pool flooring needs, taking into consideration the functionality of the location as well as the form and beauty of the space and environment.

Our trademarked flooring systems are designed to meet the needs of all of our clients, large and small, and we are proud to have exceeded expectations on all fronts

Let’s Resurface Your Pool Deck with Resinous Flooring Supplies

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