EDGEMORE™ Slate Trowel – Concrete Overlay for Water-Based Staining

Popular concrete overlay EDGEMORE Slate Trowel imitates the appearance of slate, worn stone, or ceramic tile at a fraction of the price. It has a topcoat that has been hand-troweled and may be stained using three to four layers of water-based stain. To create distinctive looks, you can also use stenciling, integral coloring, and other techniques. Due to its textured appearance, EDGEMORE Slate Trowel offers exceptional slide resistance. This supply for concrete floors is frequently used to restore and repair damaged, delaminated, or aged concrete floors.

Features & Benefits

  • Apply on a prepared substrate
  • Use indoors or outdoors to beautify concrete surfaces
  • Hand-troweling provides limitless motif possibilities and flexibility in pattern and color
  • Use stencils, integral colors, stains, fiber tape, and more in conjunction with EDGEMORE™ Slate Trowel to create unique patterns.
  • Simulate natural stone and more with the textured decorative finish
  • Great to use in wet areas – has slip-resistant properties 
  • Restore aged and damaged concrete without the wait of tearing out and replacing concrete slabs with this affordable and decorative option
  • Hand-troweled and stained floors are very strong and can resist heavy foot traffic without cracks or other damage

Where to Use EDGEMORE™ Slate Trowel Concrete Overlay

  • Entrances
  • Walkways
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Pool Decks
  • Parking Garages


1. Apply Bond Coats

  • Two bond coatings are necessary for EDGEMORE™ slate trowel flooring. Choosing the final color you want to attain is the first step. Your options are Brown Dark, Brown Light, Pecan Dark, Pecan Light, Loft Gray Dark, Loft Gray Light, Limestone Dark, and Limestone Light from our pre-designed EDGEMORE™ collection.
  • The first coat you apply must be the color you want the grout to be. Various manufacturers will have different bond coat ratios. 250–300 square feet per bag is the bond coat ratio we use.
  • Add the right amount of water, mix in the color you want, and add and mix the overlay to a mixing container. You must apply the bond coat on a damp floor. Use a rub brick to level out any high spots before applying a second coat. 
  • After allowing the two bond coats to dry, you may apply a pattern or proceed directly to the slate trowel coat.

2. Apply Any Patterns

  • Determine the desired pattern’s size and form, as well as the grout’s size. Grout comes in many sizes, including 1/4″, 3/8″, 1″, and 1″.
  • To get the required design, use fiber tape of the proper size. Before applying the last coat of the overlay, be sure this design is exactly what you or your client want.
  • Before applying the top layer of overlay, make sure all fiber tape is pressed down and secured using a tool similar to a wallpaper roller.

3. Install Slate Trowel Top Coat

  • The average slate trowel coverage rate is 125–135 square feet per bag. 
  • According to our advice, each bag of the slate trowel mix should contain one ounce of the finishing project’s preferred colorant. The installer would use one ounce of this colorant per bag of mixed overlay, for instance, if the installer wanted the end project to look like EDGEMORE Brown Dark.
  • On warm days outside, softly spray the surface where the product will be applied before applying it. The product can be applied to a dry surface on chilly days.
  • In a mixing bowl, combine the proper amount of water and colorant. Pour two amounts of the product—each the size of two basketballs—onto the surface when it is ready for use.
  • Use a steel or magic trowel to spread the material so that it completely encloses the fiber-tape design. Apply the proper texture to the material using a steel trowel after the fiber tape has been evenly applied. Till the project is finished in its entirety, repeat this method.

4. Stain Slate Troweled Overlay

  • Before you can begin staining, make sure to level out any high spots on the floor with a rub brick. 
  • Mix the appropriate amount of water, desired color, and a neutral-based carrier into a mixing container and mix thoroughly. 
    • 1st Stain coat: 0.75 ounces of colorant per mixed gallon of stain
    • 2 nd Stain coat: 0.50 ounces of colorant per mixed gallon of stain
    • 3rd Stain coat: Repeat the second stain coat if needed
    • 4th Stain coat: Take your existing water and neutral base carrier and double the amount of water in the existing mix. Then add 0.25 ounces of charcoal per mixed gallon of stain.
  • We recommend using a mister tip when applying the stain for consistent application. The goal is to evenly coat the trowel coat, but not so much that the stain puddles over the top of the trowel coat. Use the same procedure for all coats of staining. 

5. Seal the Floor

  • We recommend the following types of coatings: water-based sealer, solvent-based acrylics, or any other if installing this floor on an interior slab.

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Concrete Slate Trowel Overlay FAQ

EDGEMORE™ slate trowel overlay is suitable for installation on old and new concrete alike. It is an economical option for restoring and beautifying damaged concrete. Once you have completed the easy-to-install process, your old floor will have the look of slate for less. 

The substrate must have dried and cured completely before EDGEMORE™ slate trowel overlay may be applied. 

EDGEMORE™ slate trowel flooring is durable and easy to maintain. Keep your floors looking new with regular mopping and sweeping. 

The feel of troweled floors is one of workmanship. Most of the credit goes to the installer's artistic talent. A hand-troweled floor has irregularities and a rough texture that cause stains to respond unevenly, giving it a mottled or marbled appearance that enhances the attractiveness of the floor. With a hand trowel, you have countless options, from making solid, monotone surfaces to simulating marble or any other stone by randomly blending various hues.

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