EDGEMORE™ Metro – Pigmented Concrete Overlay

For both interior and outdoor applications, EDGEMORE™ Metro is a 2-3 layer pigmented concrete overlay that is magic-troweled or broom-finished. In our Metro line, you can pick from a variety of colors that range from muted to vivid. These hues are completely fade- and UV-resistant. Use colorants generously or sparingly depending on how you want your flooring to appear. With our top-notch concrete floor supplies that are made to last, highlight your floors by giving them a facelift.

Features & Benefits

EDGEMORE™ Metro stands out as one of the strongest concrete overlay options on the market. It resists stains and etching from chemicals or heavy equipment.
The colors will not peel, chip, or fade, and are UV-resistant
Covers flaws on current concrete
An economical option to give your residential or commercial space a brand new appearance
Simply sweep and mop your low-maintenance overlay regularly to keep the shine intact.
A sealant is recommended to maintain the finish and extend the lifetime of your overlay.

Where to Use EDGEMORE™ Metro

  • Retail Centers
  • Basements
  • Patios
  • Garages
  • Driveways
  • Showrooms


1. Apply the Bond Coat

  • The color of the bond coat should be taken into account first. The grout color will be the initial bond coat color if you wish to add patterns in your overlay. Bond coatings are added in bags at a ratio of 250–300 square feet.
  • The mixing container should be filled with the appropriate amount of water before adding the colorant and the overlay. Bond coatings work best on a damp floor.
  • You can choose from a variety of colors for the three-pigmented bond coatings that make up metro floors. Be careful to use a rub brick to lower the high spots on the floor in between each coat.

2. Seal the Floors

  • The floor is ready for sealing after all three bond coats have been applied and have dried completely. 
  • We recommend the following options for sealing: water-based sealer, solvent-based acrylics, or other sealers can be used if on an interior concrete slab. 

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Pigmented Concrete Overlay FAQ

In order to create a decorative appearance and conceal flaws, existing concrete can be covered with a product made of concrete and cement. Depending on your intended finish, concrete overlays can be laid as thin as 1/4".

EDGEMORE™ Metro can last for many years if the proper installation procedures are used and the overlay is routinely maintained by cleaning and mopping it. To keep the concrete in top shape, you might need to have it resealed after a while if there is a lot of foot or machine traffic.

It typically takes 24 hours for concrete overlays to dry once the sealing coat has been applied. To fully cure and be able to walk on the floor without socks, it takes roughly 7 days.

It is a proprietary mix of cement, sand, and other additives. The color is added based on customer preference. The finished product is an attractive, long-lasting overlay that adheres well to the concrete floor while preserving its natural appearance.

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